Schedule 2018

Summer School Iona and Isle of Mull 2018
An open space for a deep immersion into nature, self and the social in the great outdoors of Scotland

Mull: Saturday 21nd July 5 p.m. until Saturday 4th August 11 p.m. at Leob Croft, Mull.
Conference “core” time: Thursday 26th July 10 a.m., ends Thursday 2nd August 11 a.m.
Travelling week from Mull to Cornwall: Saturday 4th until Sunday 12th August.  

Download the excel file with the program here (one file that includes two sheets; 1st: Summer School, 2nd: Travel Week)

Guideline for the two weeks on Mull

There are three stages that can be differentiated in every process of transformation, that belong to the path of every kind of initiation. The Isle of Mull/Iona gathering can be seen as a initiatory process that is lead along those stages: 1st: letting go of the old /arriving; 2nd: initiation/transformation/period out of time; 3rd: reintegration/letting things sink in/slow recognition of an understanding/finding ones way back to the day-to-day life.

This is mirrored in our activities:

First stage: Something wants to happen, preparation

A community is forming. Open meeting and days to prepare the gathering and place; beginning Saturday 21st July 5 p.m. at the Leob Croft.
Everyone is welcome. Get to know the place, visit Iona, get first impressions, arrive, settle, get sorted, help us to sort out things. Let go of the world you left behind. We need lots of hands to get the place ready for the conference that will start on Thursday 26th July.

Second stage: Something is happening, an initiatory process has begun, immersion into the unknown

Conference with workshops, open spaces, arts and nature experiences.
This will be our core time together. Starts Thursday 26th July 5 p.m., ends Thursday 2nd August 11 p.m.

Third stage: coming back to the world as a new person

Stay on, breath out, help us to get everything sorted out, so that we can leave no outer traces behind. The big tent (marquee) needs to be taken down, tractors and gear needs to be put back… still there will be time to talk and muse about what happened. You might need a break or just some time for yourself to recall what you experienced; time to go to Iona or, again, to Staffa or just for good long sleep.

Workshops during conference (26th July to 2nd August): (total time: 4 days, 10 am till 5 pm, i.e. the whole day outdoors at special places). For details see "course leaders".

**The trip (with little changes) will happen in summer 2019 as well. Please let us now if you are interested**

Journey to spiritual hotspots in the UK (Sat. 4th - Sun. 12. August)

Title and theme of travel-week:
The Western Mysteries and their places. D. N. Dunlop, R. Steiner, King Arthur, new social impulses for the anthroposophical society and the future of the social. What can we learn from Western Mysteries? What can we see, sense and experience in the nature of places once hotspots of Western Spirituality and what do they tell us today?

-       Dirk Kruse (expeditions into imagination, inspiration and intuition and anthroposophy, both historically and in regards to today and the future) and
-       Renatus Derbidge (leading to close encounters with nature and soul with landscapes, the Celtic Christian mission and megalithic artefacts).


Saturday 4th 10 a.m.: Leaving Mull, via Killmartin (Cup and Ring marks, megalithic centre) to the Isle of Arran

Sunday 5th: Whole day Arran (Dunlops youth on Arran, his vision and life, Stone Circles of Machrie Moor)

Monday 6th: leaving Arran via Whithorn (early Christian centre) und Creeton (Cairn), arriving at Keswick YH in the Lake District in the evening. Dinner in Pub.

Tuesday 7th: Castlerigg Stone Circle in the morning and car ride of 5 hours to Penmaenmawr (dinner in Pub) then to the near by YH at the beautiful village of Rowan.

Wednesday 8th: Stone circles and nature at the hills of Penmaenmawr. Evening: Seminar and talk about Steiners new impulses received here and his vision for the anthroposophical society from 1923 onwards.

Thursday 9th: Leaving Penmaenmawr (Rowan) with excursion to the Island of Anglesey, car drive through Wales up to Glastonbury.

Friday 10th: Glastonbury, then via Dartmoor to Tintagel

Saturday 11st: Whole day at Tintagel, evening gathering: King Arthurs and Steiners “reversed cult” – a future model of social working together and their historic role models; summery, looking back and forward, closing.

Sunday 12nd:  End (leaving at 10 am.)

All nights in Youth Hostels in shared rooms of 2 or max. 4 people. Including towels and bed sheets/linen.

Arran and Keswick are big YHs. At the YH of Rowan (Penmenmawr), Glastonbury and Tintagel we will have the beautiful hostels as „exclusive use“ for us alone. All places have self-catering kitchens for us to have breakfast ourselves and – if we decide to do so – cook and enjoy our dinner together.

Fees and prices for the travel week:
  • Tuition and organisation fee: € 300
  • Accomodation: approximately €300
  • Privat cars (rental cars including fuel): approximately €200 (if 4 people share one car)
  • Food (we will cook ourselves in the self catering kitchens of the YH`s or eat in pubs): approximately €100
  • Entrence fees and ferry costs: about €50
The fee of the travel week and the accomodation needs to be payed in advance. (75% refund possible untill 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the trip, no refunds later then 1st of July 2018).

The car rental (and the sharing of the costs of it), driving, need to be arranged and solidarily sorted out among the car groups.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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