Programme 2016

Note: This is the schedule for last year. You can find the schedule for 2018 here.

July 9-15, 2016

The evenings will be a festival! Music, songs, story-telling, visual arts, dancing, kindling...anything is welcome.

Second week “stone circles” road trip

A second week of travel to spiritual sites in the UK will be organized by Dirk Kruse between July 15-23.

The proposed route is shown below (it is for approximately 14 people in 3 private cars). But to be able plan the trip and onwards journey home, we decided to having it terminate in Edinburgh on the 23rd July (so book your return flight on the 24th).

The “terms & conditions” of the trip are, that it's not a “course” or organized trip but more a open travel group with similar aims: to visit some of the Celtic hot spots of ancient times (in a comparatively short time of 7 days, with quite a lot of miles to cover). It pretty much depends on the good will and active participation of the fellows joining the group.