We are based in Dornach (CH) but other people have also been inspired by these ideas. The group (2016 and 2017) consisted of: Elizabeth (originally from Scotland), Ioana and Alexandru (originally from Romania) and Renatus (originally from Germany) who are preparing and organising this event. In Scotland there are Katherine, Roland and Jonathan; and Luna in the USA. For 2018 a new group is in the finding itself phase but started operating alreaddy...

(Jonathan on the Leob Croft near the beach)

(Elizabeth, Ioana, Renatus, Alexandru)

Elizabeth Davison grew up in Edinburgh where she attended the Rudolf Steiner School. As a child she went to Mull and Iona and spent holidays in the Highlands and Islands. She studied for a diploma in Music at Newcastle University as well as a BA in Steiner Waldorf Education at Plymouth University. After being a co-worker for the Youth Section in Dornach she is now at the Eurythmy School in Aesch, Switzerland. She is looking forward to the summer again at Leob Croft, on Iona, on Staffa.

My name is Ioana Farcasanu and I am from Romania where I studied the art of speech, worked in the "Logos Theatre" initiative and began my Eurythmy study that I’m continuing at the moment in the I have been part of the Romanian Youth Section, organising various events for young people. 
I believe the future meeting in Iona is an amazing chance for deep social encounters (so seldom these days) in a frame that can bring us closer to feeling and understanding of one of the fundamental streams of western spirituality, that flow from the islands of Iona and Mull.

I am Alexandru Ceplinschi. I was born in 1983 in north-east Romania where I lived surrounded by nature. I studied acting, speech formation, Bothmer movement and now eurythmy. From early times, a burning question followed me on my path – “What is love?” Many answers and experiences came on the way, and I’m looking forward to deepening and giving new life to Rudolf Steiner’s advice that “…we have to learn to understand the star constellations and their influence on what happens on earth. Than we can begin to approach the language that Christ spoke.” (GA 220, 21.01.1923)

Renatus Derbidge studied biology, geography and philosophy in Berlin and was a highschool teacher for 4 years. He is a singer/songwriter. Currently he is working at the Natural Science Section at the Goetheanum in Dornach. "As a Goethen scientist my interest in Iona is to discover the sacred past of my profession and to make it available for my generation."

Eunike Engelkind - Artist and organic caterer from Stuttgart. After years of apprenticeship on biodynamic farms, in gastronomy, in biodynamic wholesale trade, Waldorf teacher training and studies of Eurythmy, I’m a self-employed worker in the fields of organic catering and acting. People impress me who are striving to move themselves forward. I’m interested in portraying them artistically (e.g. Kaspar Hauser, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Hölderlin). It’s making me happy and enthusiastic that I can learn how to become responsible for what I’m doing. Which are my goals in life? I´d like to establish a biodynamic farm and be a part of a working and living community; a community where one is caring for the others too.

Luna Erdmann-Brendel was born in 1987 in Herdecke, Germany. She studied classical ballet and contemporary dance at Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln. She worked as a dancer at different theatres, did artistic solowork as well as ensemble work. She was part of stage projects with well-known choreographers e.g. Stefan Brinkmann, Hanoch Ben Dror, Regina van Berkel or In-Jung Jun from all over the World. In 2011 she decided to study eurythmy. She achieved a Master´s degree in curative eurythmy at Alanushochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft Alfter/Germany and worked as a curative eurythmist at a waldorfschool Bonn. She continued her artistic and pedagogical eurythmy training in the USA and Berlin. She is working as a curative eurythmist at Sanatorium West Berlin Lichterfelde. The question how to bring into consciousness and encounter the energetic language of Iona and Mull is my main interest. The diverse means of art are most helpful to do so!