We are a loose connection of free roaming spirits mainly based in Dornach (CH). But people in other places are also inspired by these ideas and are part of the organisation consortium. Renatus nevertheless is the head, heart and hands of the whole thing from the big picture to details and practical organiational questions.
For the gathering 2018 we have several meetings with people like Peter, Hans-Heinrich, Barbara, Klaus, who were participants in 2017 and who now help to make it happening again.
For the 2019 event Charlot and Renatus will develop the meeting further. Everyone interested in helping out, joining the think tank or with questions and skills is welcome to join our circle.

The group of 2016 and 2017 consisted of: Elizabeth (originally from Scotland), Ioana and Alexandru (originally from Romania) and Renatus (originally from Germany) who were preparing and organising this event. In Scotland there were Katherine, Roland and Jonathan; and Luna in the USA.

Jonthan, the "host" is the good soul of it all. Without him, we would be nothing.

(Jonathan on the Leob Croft near the beach)

(Elizabeth, Ioana, Renatus, Alexandru)