The elements on the Isle of Mull and Iona are impressive. Wind, light, water, colorful pebbles, air, moving cloud formations, green hills – together they build up an inspiring background for close up nature experiences.

A growing community of "Ionians" are meeting in the summer on Mull/Iona to explore one-selves as part of this world in connection with the Iona-Impulse of a contextual, soulful, heartfelt science.

It’s meant to be an experience based nature camp with embracing art and the social as well. Iona, the birthplace of Celtic Christianity, a ancient Christianity that, originating in Celtic Mysteries, had a loving and healing approach towards nature and the living world. We want to bring that to our minds and discover how this can still be sensed in the elements of those special places.

A notable board of course leaders will lead to intimate and mind changing experiences, outside, in the great outdoors of Scotland.

The Leob Croft is located on a very picturesque piece of land, with views to the Isle of Staffa and the impressive rock formations of "the Burgh" (see picture above). The small farm consists of very diverse areas scattered over the landscape, each with its unique atmosphere and mood.

Iona, the "birth place" of cosmic Christianity, is just around the corner. The elements are ever-present here (on both Iona and Mull) and they still roam and whisper of that past, making it available for our time and preserving it for the future. We would like to do etheric "archaeology" during the conference in 2016, to connect with what nature has to offer in this rich place and also, to bring some human dynamic with songs and stories, listening and sharing.