The Fees

Statements about Fees and Costs

The fees have three parts
All three are obligatory.

1) General conference fee (includes food*, investment in the base camp (like sinks, toilets, tables and benches etc.), renting the big marquee (a marquee is what the Scots call a big tent), renting/buying tableware, expenses (but no honorees) like a partial refund of the travel costs for course leaders and staff). The Conference fee includes the food (all meals are organic and if possible bio-dynamic, vegetarian (except one BBQ with local organic meat) and the boat trip to Staffa.

*food: only during “conference” 18th  to 25nd July, other times (travel week, retreat) are self catering at accommodations.

Regular £620, reduced £410 (further reductions in some cases possible - please speak to us)

2) Accommodation: Accommodation is for 1 week (6th 4pm. until 13th July 10am). Holiday cottages on Mull can only be rented for whole weeks (Saturday till Saturday). 

Camping in own tent on the Leob Crofts fields is £50.
It is £150 (p.P) for a double or twin room,
It is  £250 for a single room (in detail it might slightly change since the houses we are renting are also very different in comfort, the named prices are to your orientation only). We will get in contact with you after registration with an offer of all possibilities. 
All rooms are in shared holiday cottages on or near by the Leob Croft estate. For all accommodations not directly on site of the Leob Croft one or two cars (with drivers) for the houses are essential. Even when they are in reasonable walking distance, if it rains or for transportation of things and to be flexible, cars are needed. Accommodation (except camping) is limited and beds are given "first come, first serve". Your payment will secure you room booking. Without payment its only a provisional reservation.

3) Mobility / Car rentals: Running the conference smoothly dependents on enough cars. We live in a remote place. To drive to the Iona ferry takes 20 Minutes. Other sites worth visiting are only accessible by car. Nevertheless, the whole journey to and from Mull can easily be done by public transport (please see FAQ on the website for that).

Cars will be shared in groups of 4 people (so there will be enough space for your luggage, car groups of 5 – so the experience from precious years – do not work, except for the time during the conference, for daytrips and so on, where we have not much luggage, then 5 is no problem). 
Rental cars will be picked up at Edinburgh Airport and returned to Edinburgh Airport (or Glasgow to Glasgow). Even if you decide to travel to the Leob Croft by public transport, the £120 car rental allowance will be charged because we need cars during the conference. To have a fair sharing of the costs we charge everyone a reasonable sum, which will be given to the person who will actually rent a car, so that it is possible to use them when we need them. 

Best is, you tell us when you arrive and then we help you to find a car group. Or: you come by car? Tell us, so we can help you to find people you can share the car with!

Please note: Even if you choose to travel by public transportation to and back to/from Mull and even though the car rides on Mull are not always long, we will have to rent cars. And they have to come from the big places (no car rental on Mull, expensive one in Oban with only a few cars). That is why the "Mobility" share is quite high. To keep these costs low, please rent a car as early a possible, find people to share it with (we offer to assist you here) and enjoy the liberty a car brings with it.

Very important information that we need:

- When do you arrive and where (same with departure)
- Are you a driver and potentially a person who could rent a car? The costs of the car rental will be refunded to the person who actually rented a car (minus the own share of €150).

Car allowance fee:

£100 plus fuel of about £20 (for the time 18th July until 25th July) = £120. It guarantees transportation during the Mull time. A free ride from an Airport (Edinburgh or Glasgow) to Mull and back can not be guaranteed but would be included. To make theses rides possible a lot of good will and communication is needed to coordinate it and make it possible to find a car sharing group with the same arriving/departure times.

Total costs

£620/410 Conference fee
£50/150/250 Accommodation
£120 Car (or bring your own)

= £890 (average), minimum fee: £580

All fees need to be paid in advance to the Swiss Bank account of Anblick.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes, there are a few:
The following will be paid individually:
- Ferry rides (from Mull to Iona)
- Your travel expenses to the conference and back home
- Museum entrance fees (Iona Abby)
- Snacks and beverages on the way, souvenirs and so on.

I suppose you need not more than about £25 during the conference. 
Iona Abby Entry fee = £9
Iona Ferry (return ticket) = £3,50

Car-rental Details

Information for potential drivers:
If you are a driver and if you would rent a car then…

-          Please book/rent a car as early as possible (prices go up rapidly)
-          Rent a car big enough for 4 people with each having luggage (so a Mini or a Fiat500 will not do. Start with the category of for instance a Vauxhall Astra, Ford Mondeo, Skoda Octavia or an Estate wagon). But also no bigger ones! The price/value is best with the above mentioned cars.
-          You will need pay for the car (credit card needed) yourself
-          Please make an “all inclusive” insurance that covers everything.
-          Please keep all your receipts, also for fuel and give them to me after the camp (per Email or real Mail).
-          I will refund you (according to the real costs) maximum £100 per person for the time during the conference (max. 3x). So that makes a max. of £300 (plus your share that you payed already) that should cover your expenses. If you book a car still in 2018, it will probably be much less.
-         The traveling to the camp and back will be dealt with individually or in the traveling groups. But if you travel with the car sharing option, it will definitely be the cheapest way of traveling.

What is the advantage of this (maybe at first sight) rather complicated procedure?

It will encourage people to rent a car so that we will have enough cars at hand during the summer school.
Because everybody pays, its very just and everybody contributes to the costs.
Because everybody pays “me” (and than in return, I refund the drivers), all participants can drive as passengers in all cars randomly, according to the needs. For instance if someone drives with Car 1 on the first day, the second day with a different driver/car and would need to contribute to fuel etc. it will get very complicated and mixed up. Also sometimes cars stay empty, but still they cost something.

I would like to join the Summer School but it’s to expensive for me. What can I do?

Please note: The regular price covers only real costs. All course leaders and helpers are doing all of it for free. They are only offered a refund for their travel expenses and the costs during the conference. So still they pay more then they receive by taking part in this event. They do this since they believe it is very special and worth doing. They want this summer school to happen and to not to be pricier then it already is. Please compare the costs with other conferences of that kind and you will learn, that we are incredibly cheap. Cheap, because we only charge you real costs- money that we spent to make this a reality. This generous gesture by the leading staff needs not to be over stressed by too many people not paying the full costs, because then we are in serious trouble and the already generous people will be forced to pay even more. So there are no honorees and no money that disappears into mysterious pockets. The budget is transparent and everyone can have a look at it. There is no financial back up, no rich guys in the background that would help us to fill the financial gaps. So please consider your possibilities very carefully before asking to pay the reduced fee. Thank you!

Still not possible?
- find people to fund you! (if you really what do go, get creative, start a “fund raising event” or “crowdfunding campaign”, or ask relatives, friends, people who like you to help out. Only if this fails, ask us and we are willing to help to find a solution – and I’m certain that we will!