The 2019 Summer School

Here is an overview of how a day will look like:

Mornings: Singing and Eurythmy.
Then we will stay on the Leob Croft until lunch. We start into the day after eurythmy with a big "hub" - out of which workshops evolve: Whoever wants to do something finds like-minded people to do that together with them. We will have time till lunch for it (from 9:00 to 12:00). If you want to offer something in this 3h morning space: please do so and find your people for it. If you have special interests- go for it, with others or alone. This is the time for: reading (text work), more singing, more eurythmy, drawing, discussion groups, acting, surfing, cooking (yes, we will have a cook but also a cooking group of helpers), time to prepare the afternoon or to deepen previous experiences. It could even be the slot for proper workshops (once or every day). If you like you can offer a fixed workshop if that's your thing... or: we will have wonderful people around and you can join their activities (see below the people and their "profile". They will be kind of like workshop leaders but...

What is a workshop leader? (according to the above). It's a person functioning as an anchor for certain interests where others can hook up to and co-lead whats going to happen. A person who feels responsible, kind of like a guardian or a representative for something to happen- something that you think is important, that you think should happen in summer 2019 to make it the best summer school ever.

Schedule continued:

We will have lunch together (a warm meal prepared by Ali and his volunteer cooking group).

In the afternoons we all go together to places like Columba Bay (Iona), Adalanish Bay (Mull), the stone circle at Lochbuie (Mull), Staffa and the Iona Abby.
These trips will be "as one" but still open for sub-groupings to meet the different interests.

Imagine a trip to Columba Bay: We all start together at Leob Croft (after lunch at about 14:30), take the same ferry and arrange a time to meet again at Columba Bay. On the way there you could go individually, with Dirk Kruse, Renatus Derbidge, or someone else, a women group, a land art group, a "Querfeldein"-group that will hike there in an adventurous - not paved - track...

On the bay (where we all meet again at a certain place and time) we share observations and talk about it. Then we can stay together or divide into groups. Some might want to go further with the observations, some might want to continuou in a more meditative way, others in a more physically active way, some want to do land art at these magical spots, some might just want to start a fire. This will happen in movement and will be up to our presence and initiative and also our empathic staying and involving in the group process. Later we can sing songs together into the sunset.

We will return late (when on Iona, with specially arranged ferry) so we will have dinner with us (sandwiches etc).

Here you can see who has already committed to this... (will be updated regularly)...

Dieter Schmautz was born in 1954 in Ludwigsburg. He is the father of two Children. He was active as an entrepreneur in his own firm as a restaurateur.

Since 1974 Dieter Schmautz has experienced 'strange' events and incidents (out of the body experiences); which until that time he had not believed possible and even categorically dismissed as unreal. He never spoke about these experiences. In 2005 he had a fourth near death experience through a cerebral hemorrhage. After a brain surgery he lay in a coma and was subsequently 'speechless' for a while. After a few rehabs he discovered (detected) and developed unusual spiritual abilities. Through the help of his mentor Siegfried Woitinas (Forum 3/Stuttgart) his path led him in a very short period of time to an ever deeper understanding of the highest realms of spiritual reality. On this path, which is always connected with dramatic inner and outward battles (struggles, conflicts), he experienced the reality of faith. Since then he experiences a continual "inner schooling" through the after/other-world/extrasensory world. He was also given the task to bring all his experiences and knowledge into the world and to share his knowledge and abilities with all interested people. His gift to see the underlying reason behind actual problems, as well as the history and mission of people and institutions, allows those who seek help to get specific insights for their own path and for the future.

His lectures and conversations have the goal to help people to understand their own human and spiritual being, as well as to recognize their potential and their path. These lectures and conversations take place both on a personal, as well as on a public level.

I would very much like to come into an exchange and research together with people who have similar experiences to these authentic experiences of mine and to develop myself together with them.

I would like to give my experiences to upright people who live with an inner faith.
Here at the spirit works in the flash but perhaps a small group of similarly developed people could work together in our world out of the heart forces and perhaps influence positively.

I would find it wonderful when a few people would find themselves together with me soon. Don’t have any fear for that contact I am not only deeply rooted in the spiritual world, but also very well rooted in our material world.

Mikko Jairi, Eurythmist and explorer of the human mind and the spiritual dimensions of the nature. Living in Berlin. I was born in the North (Finland), but my interests stretch from West (Scotland) till East (Asia). I consider both eurythmy and meditation to be powerful guides on our spiritual quest: they connect us to the heights and depths, to the past and future, to the microcosm and macrocosm.

Dirk Kruse, international organisational consultant and lecturer. Developed methodical „Soul-Observation“ and the „Spiritual Organisational-Development” with many new methods. Since 2008 international „Yearcircle Mailinglist“ – every two weeks - to meditative perceptions in actual Social- and Nature-Events.

Roland Playle: My background has been in the Goethean studies of plants, landscapes and social processes. I am interested in the relationships in nature, the interaction of things and what comes out of the space between those interactions. My quest is how to play a greater role in participating in this space so that it enhances our individual lives and spirit.

Ali Gözkaya is from Berlin, living in Switzerland since 3 years.
He followed his fascination for light and images since his late teenage years and worked for more than 25 years in the film industry, mainly as a director of photography. 3 years ago he decided to follow his love for nature and his interest in meditation and creativity in everyday-life. For more then one year he worked as a vegetarian/vegan cook in a remote monestary (Zen&Christian) in the nature reserve on the Rigi Mountain in Switzerland.

My name is Elizabeth Davison and I have been to the summer school from the beginning three years ago. Iona, Staffa, Mull and all who come: thank you for all, all year round. Singing in the mornings, evenings as well as on our daily ways has been a highlight for me! I will be there each morning to sing with you.

I am Gavin Mitchell.
Why do I love Iona summer school?
I love the process of Goethean observation. I believe it to be the gift of the foundation of living a deep and true live on earth. When one combines this type of observation and the landscape of Iona, Mull and any were in Scotland with Goethean observation one has one of the most powerful healing tools known to man. This year I look forward to offering my services as a dedicated group facilitator to continue and deepen the study of the island of Iona in relationship to true the human need of our time.

Renatus Derbidge, born in Frankfurt/Main, studied Biology, Geography and Philosophy in Berlin. I just moved to Mull to live and work here as a freelance Goethean scientist. As the initiator of the “Iona Summer School” I hope to step back a bit (after 3 successful gatherings) and to rather merge with the group as a fellow participant. I am much looking forward to all the great contributors of the 2019 event and will probably join Dieter Schmautz on excursions to Iona and Mull to investigate the past of sacred places by looking at “Akasha Chronicle” starting from basic Goethean observations of the landscape and the sensual world at the places, and slowly working our way into imagination, inspiration and hopefully intuition.