Katherine Buchanan (Goethean scientist, Edinburgh, Scotland) and
Nature’s Open Secret at Ardalanish Bay – Healing plants and healing sites 

We will use a Goethean approach to landscape study to help us meet the “Genius Loci” at Ardalanish. We will also aim to look at how the essence of place is reflected in at least one “healing” plant growing at this unique sacred  site on the Ross of Mull. 
This workshop will give participants a taste of another way of knowing and of “healing” and will give direction for participants to further develop this way for themselves.
The workshop also aims to help participants to respect and understand one of the important ways in which our ancestors worked. This Golden Thread can still be found here on these islands and the workshop aims to clarify how we may recognize it  and then draw it through from pre-Christian through “Celtic Christian” times into the present in a way appropriate to our present day consciousness.

The workshop will be at Ardalanish Bay, one of the most beautiful sites on Mull (very closed to a amazing beach).

I have chosen Ardalanish for many reasons. I have a very close link to the area having visited and meditated here for about 18 consecutive years. More recently I have done Goethean landscape and plant studies as part of my research topic on “healing sites and their plants”. It is also a site of “Special Scientific Interest” designated as such for its biodiversity and unique geology.

What to bring?
Notebooks for sketching (i.e. without lines).
If possible: pencils, colours and notebooks. Compasses, binoculars, tape measures and magnifying glasses would be good, but are not essential.  
We will go out in the rain (even if for not very long!) as it is an important part of the Mull experience! However, we will have plenty of artistic activities relating to the work to do inside too. People joining my workshop should be sure to bring good waterproof clothing (including waterproof boots and trousers) and woolly hats as well as sun hats, sun cream (and swimsuits)! …and midge repellent!!

Renatus Derbidge (Goethean scientist, Dornach, Switzerland)
Sensing the spiritual in the sensual in regards to nature and the social
Please note: this workshop will partly (for 1 or 2 days) fuse with Gavins and Klaus`s workshop

Expedition into the world of sense perception. The Elements (the pink rocks of Mull and Ionas colourful pebbles, water, air, light, warmth) and the surrounding qualities of the „British“ weather as forming qualities of megalithic culture, standing stones (menhirs), Stone Circles and the social (hierarchy free) impulse of druidic culture. The transformation into Celtic Christianity and the love for the sense world and nature. Nature as a source of initiation. Sensing the super sensible within the sensual perception. These are topics that we will explore in nature; we will try to experience them and go through the elements as a „school of nature“ in a modern (anthroposophic) sense, which can be found as a resurrected Celtic-druidic initiation into nature. It can also be called Goethean science. 

The favoured place will be Iona and several places on Mull.

What to bring?
Every participant should have pen/pencil and paper/sketch book. Clothings from head (sun prodetion) to feet (to cross boggy land in rainy conditions) for all weather conditions from warm to very cold, from dry to very wet. From windy to bathing suite. Be curious and expect to immerse into the scotish landscape with lots of time and also partly on your own. Part of the course will be hiking (so bring good shoes).

Dirk Kruse (Clairvoyant scientist, Bochum, Germany)
Imaginative-, inspirative and intuitive experiencing of nature and impressions or memories on and around Iona

We will try to always have time of greeting and soul breathing in resonance with Iona and Mull and then to observe physical, etheric, astral, and spiritual phenomena and qualities of places, views and also to observe our interaction with those.
Methodically our core-issues is to learn meditative perception with a clear differentiation of
1. the perceiving-character of imagination, inspiration, intuition,
2. the typical qualities of the four ether and the main areas of the astral- and the spiritual world.
3. the characteristics of the four experiencing-qualities of the Elemental Beings, and the three Angel Hierarchies

Partly we can do it more in a manner of research, partly it can have a character of only sharing experiences or of a demonstrative pointing on something. Questions and wishes from group members can lead us to.
If there will appear clear experiences of akasha-memories or religious experiences and it is wished, we can try careful, homely and humbly to reflect on it.
Also, if wished, we can integrate methodically prepared "Inspirational-Walks" for everybody alone for approximately 70 min. or split in different groups with special issues or "missions".
It would be great, if we could have a daily protocol, only in note-form (which we can photography and add to the script, which all participants will get later via e-mail.

The favoured place will be Iona and places, where our hearts would like to experience.

What to bring?
Every participant should have pen/pencil and paper. If it's raining we will look for more protected places of observations.

Gavin Mitchel (a "green man" from Edinburgh, Scotland) and 
Klaus Landherr (Eurythmist, Avrona, Switzerland)
Creating a social space for miracles to happen
Please note: this workshop will partly (for 1 or 2 days) fuse with Renatus`s workshop
An open space. We will develop something out of what’s coming and what wants to come. Everyone will be an equal contributor, receiver and facilitator of whatever is going to happen. Roughly we are interested in modern ways of social interaction that is integrating and counting on the spiritual world and the nature around us. Eurythmy will be part of this process and might help us to smoothly cross thresholds.

Johannes Sloendregt (Land-artist and architect, Dornach, Switzerland)
Making art out of the earth, wood and light around us

Tracing a harmonious line with a finger in the warm sand, sculpting the shadows of colourful stones, letting float a golden petal on a silver wave in the ocean... Doing land art is like playing as a child with nature. It's about opening our eyes for the beauty we can find in our surroundings and in our heart.

The land art workshop is open to anyone at any time and at any place. The participants can work individually or in groups, working on very small projects or on big ones.
Ideally we would be about 10 people every day, but we can be more or less according to the weather, the moods and the size of the different projects. ART is intimately linked to HEART. Just listen to your heart!

What to bring?
For some projects a pocket knife could be useful. Bring it along but not in your hand luggage on the air plane.
Land art is ephemeral. Take your camera with you to make it eternal!